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What makes him truly unique is his ability to work on a low and high level. You´d be able to put him in charge of growing your sales team of 50 people at the same time, he could develop a marketing funnel for your 1 k / month e-commerce business. Looking forward to working with him again!

ADAM. Entrepreneur

Bo Ogdal

Digital Strategist

We Code and Launch Your Products



Get your idea specified.
You hand over your math and logic or other ideas. It can be an excel or a word document couple with a phone call or two. Your choice.
Your ideas are safe with us, and we'll make sure you won't miss out on the latest technology and opportunities.



NinjaScript, Python, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or even Deep learning, and AI is just some of our capabilities.
We will make your indicators and strategies work loved by your community before we launch.
Ninjatrader is our preferred platform. However, we'll help you launch it on other platforms as well.



Speaking of launch!

It is where we thrive, and most companies fail. 

We are a team of marketers, who happens to have a computer science degree with specialties in psychology and math. 

What does that mean?

It means we're data-driven in all our decisions.

And yes, we've advertised for millions of $ already, 

so we know how to sell your products online.

Here are some of the recent products we've launched

TradeFundrr - SaaS for retail traders that want to excel all the way to Wall street

Live and in production since January 2023

Delivered SaaS platform to host biggest online magnet to find trading talent to get funded by main partner T3 Trading (www.t3trading.com).
• Full stack architect and developer of entire platform to support Frontend App
• Setup support processes
• Execute support tickets at all levels

Ninjacators - Servicing sales channel for 400+ products

New CRM and Licensing Service implementation with all 400+ products enabled sales tripling within a year of completion.

Smirk - E-Commerce

Quadrupled their business in 4 months and scaled brand into the USA.
The big turnaround was already in ONE week with a ROAS of 4.2. From a monthly ROI at 8.83% to 83% to 375% after four months.

Most popular ad

- 23Million Views

What You’ll Get During This Free Strategy Call

During the call, it is our goal that you understand your numbers and how they relate to advertising and marketing online. We'll go through your product(s) and find out how much you can spend on marketing to become profitable. If I leave with only one thing, it'll be a vital list of questions you need to answer to test your business plan thoroughly.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

I'll have a look at your website, your business, and your products. I'll do a quick market analysis of your competitors and compare them.

What Happens During the Call

During the call, I'll ask you a couple of questions to find out where you're at and where you want to go. I'll analyze your situation on the call and tell if and how you will become successful advertising.

What Changes After the Call

After the call, we'll usually follow up with a chat message or email to see if you implemented some of the actions we identified. I'll lead you "the-first-time-around" whereafter I'll hand it over to you unless we're a match and decide to continue a partnership. 

About Bo

Bo is an entrepreneur, advertiser, and data scientist (Fin-tech). He has expertise in digital and technology platforms and business transformation using innovative and disruptive technologies with a specific focus on marketing and advertising.

He is an accomplished entrepreneur and strategist with extensive expertise at project board level, in investment management, e-commerce scaling, industry, and retail sectors, helping businesses create clear visions with concrete goals to deliver achievable value and results on time. He has worked for notable companies such as Grundfos and LEGO.

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

"My mom says I shouldn’t brag about our services, so I’m gonna let others do the talking for a minute…”

Jared P.


Bo is amazing. He had so many insights about scaling my business and I'm gonna apply them asap. He is a very smart guy and actually a problem solver. I looked for the best FB ads guy on Upwork and I'm pretty sure that it's him.

Joseph K.


Bo is a very talented Facebook marketer whom became a good friend over roughly a year-long period. If you're struggling with Facebook ads I would highly recommend him. Thanks Bo!

Ana L.


Bo has been more than a marketing consultant, he was truly interested to improve my business and come up with so many ideas (even on weekends). Our meetings were so  enthusiastic that I always want to schedule more meetings and share my ideas with him. Will continue to work with him (no doubt!).

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Launch Your Products!

NinjaTrader® is our preferred Trading platform.

Kinetick® is our preferred data service for use with NinjaTrader.