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Social Media Advertising

—provides revenue inbound

Hey, Overachiever. I see you.

Don’t worry—you’re in the right place. You’ve made a habit of outperforming, so why not arm yourself with the best tools to help continue your winning streak?

I can build you a machine that consistently makes you money on your advertising.

Every. Single. Day.

I’ve worked at (boasting more than 19,000 employees) and at (more than 15,000 employees) for more than nine years, as a senior program manager of digital business development and digital transformation.

I have an MSc in Computer Science—a highly unusual education for someone who has led $6 million dollar highly strategic projects with hundreds of people in big corporations and suppliers.

This means when you work with me, you get a strong skill set broad enough to belong to a team of people—not an individual. You get someone with a digital technology background and a fluency in managing a LOT of $. In other words: I know how to make you even more $!

Here is a breakdown of how:

1. I make you a strategy that works.

2. I give you a rock solid plan to match it.

3. I execute the plan for you, making you more $ through high converting campaigns.

My advice to you is simple: you start small, scale conservatively, and win big.

So if you want to hire someone who can help you with your funnels, but also your back-end services from beginning to end— Hi! I’m your guy.

Want more details?

Great. I can tell you’re serious about getting high-end quality help. That’s the kind of client I want to work with!

What can you expect working with me?

Exceeded expectations. My greatest success story was a smaller project (only $1m) that sold out in pre-sales and made a revenue of $3m. The crazy part? This realized in pre-launch—ONE month before the big launch—and it was in the middle of a crisis in our market. My stakeholders were happy, once they saw the results and the market went viral! 🙂

Hire me and you get a professional digital marketing expert with more than ten years of experience developing and launching digital products, funnels, automation, advertising, the works. 

Yes, I’ve created and executed strategy in big organizations. But I’ve also done segmentation and automation rules, landing pages, sales pages, webinars, video ads, forms, and more. I can code html5, css3, Javascript, PHP; so any custom integration that you need right away is right at my fingertips. I am excellent at troubleshooting problems and finding solutions to capacity, or assisting as an extra hand to get things done. 

Either way, you’re hiring an “extra hand” that is more far-reaching than most. You’ll get: 

1. Constructive feedback—always prioritizing your benefit. If you want one thing, and I see a better solution, I will suggest it to you even if it means less work for me… 

2. Because what that means you’ll get faster results…

3. Which in turn builds a trusting business relationship. And that makes the sale infinitely more valuable to us both.

Yep. I went there. But hey!

Do you want the best people working for you or do you want to settle for someone who’s taking your money to build you something you don’t need? Believe me. I’ve spent a lot of other people’s money over the years, and I always turned a profit. I’ve become a master at spotting my “competitors” who don’t. 



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So if you want to accelerate and scale your business via digital marketing with someone who’s got the record and experience, whose walk matches his talk, then look no further. (You’re welcome to check out my LinkedIn profile to see more.)

Go ahead and click that button. I’ll leave you with my final sales pitch: If you like what you read, you’ll love working with me. To get a taste of what you’ll get—consider hiring me for a one hour strategy session.

If that helps you, consider hiring me for this project, and I’ll refund the strategy session.

Or if you already think I can help you, just go ahead and hire me, and I’ll give you a free strategy session as a bonus. It’s a win-win, right?

Thanks for reading this.

I truly can’t wait to get to work with you.